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• Based on our initial study and responses from our Veterans and Indigenous people, we are satisfying a need that has yet to be offered. This research will provide us with undocumented results and statistics. We will couple this research with a viability and repeatability strategy and establish a long term research approach.

• Our forms of intervention for this research are Voluntary and include the surrender of firearms, participation in short- or long-term storage opportunities, the use of free firearm lock with options for offsite key storage and the active removal of easy access firearms.

• The novel theoretical concept is based on the limiting of access to firearms and the correlation result in the reduction in suicide with veterans and indigenous people.  Our approach will be  a direct partnership with local veteran administrations, tribal leaders, and public advertising where applicable. Our key to success are our partners in the industry that are willing to assist us in this venture by providing services in our study markets. This gives us the ability to leverage areas that have only been considered in the past but never executable.

• We are taking a direct theory from other research completed with regards to the possible reduction of suicide based on availability/ accessibility and the use of storage, or voluntary removal of a firearm during a stressful situation. We have added the aspect of gun locks and easy access firearms to our research allowing for a very robust analysis on results based on the pillars of our focused study.


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