We Need Your Help

We're asking for your support in this time of need for our veteran community. Our duty is to provide lifesaving options to those facing personal crisis and stressors, and your contribution, we will make a difference. With COVID 19 stress and newly added crisis in Afghanistan, we are in a critical moment for those who need our support. We are committed to helping everyone in need. Please consider making your tax deductible contribution today. As little as $1 can make a difference to the 1 person in need.

The VA received 35,000 calls from military personnel between August 13th-29th and not "1" was offered safe storage options for their firearms. We are the only organization with the capabilities to offer these lifesaving storage options. Every $250 dollars raised provides full service to a veteran in need. Storage, locks, peace of mind and trust, make us the missing link to a much needed component.

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GOAL: 5,000 Life Saving Opportunities


To our Service Members From the Department of Defense and Firearms Research Institute

You are not alone!

"Remember that what is happening now does not minimize or negate the experiences of all who served overseas. Countless service members answered the call of duty and did what was asked of them. Service is never for naught. Think about the times when valor and courage changed lives for the better. Focus on the present and what feels meaningful to you in this moment. Our veterans served honorably and completed missions as required and as necessary – protecting our freedoms and we are forever grateful for their service.

Talking can be very therapeutic, whether it’s to a local chaplain, psychologist or someone you served with in the military. Do what feels right for you. There is not one way to think or feel or act. The important thing is to take advantage of the numerous mental health care resources that are available to you."


If you are in need of firearms safe storage, gun lock options or disposition of your firearm, please click on the link below for a quick reply. If you need a confidential referral to counseling, we can help.

Firearms Research Institute



The Real Warriors Campaign 


Psychological Health Resource Center


The Military Crisis Line  


Military OneSource